About me:

This studio was originally founded a few years back as an outlet to my commercial art and music projects. It grew into a multimedia arts company licensing and producing works around the globe.

Today ,we produce animated content, film & music (BMI) for various record and TV production companies. I enjoy working with up-and-coming talent from Asia's burgeoning J & K pop music & drama scene.Yes, i have been a veteran of Art Schools , bands and fashion houses of various types.

I began my career as a child actor in a PBS documentary, but always knew that my true skills lay in music and art. So, one day I combined both together and began producing pictures and animations for b2b clients.I took classes at two different art colleges in order to further my skills.While there I picked up photography and videography in addition to my audio production courses.I took a job for a few years at a commercial photography studio in Atlanta Georgia and began a fascination with the world of fashion couture and model shoots while learning every aspect of the business that I could. Those interests and experiences followed me into my work today in anime ,cinematography and music production in New York, Japan and S. Korea.

 There is always a project going on somewhere at animekomix ^^.


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